European Guitar Teachers Association Cyprus


Rules of the 3rd Pancyprian Competition for Young Guitarists EGTA-2010

1. The 3rd Pancyprian Competition for Young Guitarists EGTA - 2010 will take place in Nicosia on 10th and 11th of April 2010.

2. The Competition is open to all Cypriots (with a Cyprus Nationality) and all residents of Cyprus (living on the island for the last 12 months), who comply with the age limit set for each category and who have registered as competitors.

3. For the solo categories A, B and C the winners of previous Pancyprian Competitions may only enter at a higher age category.

4. The Competition is divided into four categories:

  • Category A - born on 1 January 1998 or later.
  • Category B - born on 1 January 1995 or later.
  • Category C - born on 1 January 1992 or later.
  • Category D - guitar ensembles (duos, trios, etc.) - Minimum and maximum number of members for the ensemble is 2 and 12 respectively. All members of the ensemble must have been born on 1 January 1992 or later. Each ensemble should have a name and will be treated as one competitor.

5. Registration is valid only after the organizing committee has received:

  • a. A correctly completed registration form.
  • b. Payment in full of the participation fee.

6. The participation fee is:

  • €35 for categories A, B and C.
  • €15 for each ensemble member for category D (guitar ensembles)

7. Deadline for registrations is 19 March 2010.

8. The Draw that will determine the sequence of the competition will take place on 9 April 2010 at 20.00 hrs, at the Medieval Hall Kastelliotissa, Nicosia. The competitors are mandatory to be present; failure to do so may result in disqualification from the competition. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to allow participation in the competition in the case of absence if the excuse is deemed valid.

9. Each competitor should perform the following program before the Jury:
Category A: Pre-selection: free choice of a 2 - 4 minute programme.
Final: free choice of a 3 - 6 minute programme.
Category B:Pre-selection: free choice of a 3 - 5 minute programme.
Final: free choice of a 4 - 8 minute programme.
Category C:Pre-selection: free choice of a 4 - 6 minute programme.
Final: free choice of a 5 - 10 minute programme.
Category D:Pre-selection: free choice of a 5 - 7 minute programme.
Final: free choice of a 6 - 12 minute programme.

10. Participants in all of all four competition categories, if the wish, may perform at finals the pieces played at pre-selection.

11. For the solo categories A, B and C all works must be performed from memory. For category D performing from memory is not compulsory.

12. Copies of the free choice pieces must be handed to the jury before the performance.

13. Competitors must be able to prove their age by showing a document (birth certificate, identity card or passport) to the President of the Jury, if asked to do so.

14. Both the pre-selection and the finals will be open to the public.

15. The Competition will be judged by a Jury formed by recognized guitarists, guitar teachers and musicians. The names of the members of the Jury will be announced before the Competition.

16. A member of the Jury will not vote for a competitor who is his/her student.

17. There are three Prizes for each category.

18. The Jury reserves the right not to award a prize if they decide that the required standard of performance is not met.

19. The decisions of the Jury are final.

20. The Award Ceremony will take place on Sunday 11 April 2010 at 17.00. The winners must be present to collect their prizes and perform a short program. A winner who is absent from this ceremony will not be entitled to his/her prize.

21. During the award ceremony the public will decide the “Prize of the Public” to be awarded to the competitor who receives the highest number of votes.

22. All the rights of the performances during the competition are the intellectual property of EGTA-Cyprus.

23. EGTA-Cyprus is not responsible for the safety of any competitor during any stage of the competition. Teachers or parents are responsible.

24. All competitors are entitled to free access to all concerts of the 5th International Guitar Festival EGTA-2010.

25. Registration for the Competition implies the competitor’s acceptance of these rules.

26. In case of disambiguation in the interpretation of the rules of the Competition only the English version of these rules will be considered.