European Guitar Teachers Association Cyprus


Competition Calculator

Name of competition (e.g. International Guitar Competition "Andres Segovia", Junior Category, Preselection):
Number of Jury Members:
Number of Competitors:
Maxumum possible vote:

  • Every jury member will listen carefully the performance of each competitor and evaluate it judging the following: technique, musicianship, general impression.
  • Every jury member gives a vote for each competitor in the format of a number from 1 to a maximum possible number (default is 100, but you can change this).
  • A jury member that has a student competing does not vote for his student.
  • The votes are collected and the arithmetic mean (μέσος όρος) is calculated.
  • If the vote of particular jury member is different for the arithmetic mean (μέσος όρος) by the limit above (default is 15 points, but you can change this. Note: you can disable this rule by puting the limit equal to the meximum possible vote) or more, then this vote is deleted and the arithmetic mean (μέσος όρος) is recalculated.
  • The competitor with the highest arithmetic mean (μέσος όρος) is placed first, the competitor the second highest arithmetic mean (μέσος όρος) is placed second, etc.