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Maria Moustaka (Treasurer)

Maria Moustaka

Curriculum Vitae

Maria Moustaka was born in Limassol. She studied classic guitar with Professor Zoe Paisanou Marcou from where she gained a performer’s certificate of Trinity Collage London. Maria continues her music studies with Zoe Paisanou Marcou in Cyprus and Professor Theodosi Temzelidi in Athens from where she gained her certificate from mousiki orizontes conservatory in Athens with distinction. During her studies in Athens as a nursery teacher, she has been a student of Charalabos Ekmetsoglou and Panayiotis Ioannou. Maria has also gained a vocalist certificate with Professor Olga Efimova, and took piano lessons up to grade 6.

From 1990 she has been teaching classical guitar in various music schools in Limassol.

From 2002 Maria Moustaka owns a private music school in Limassol member of Cyprus music school organisation.

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